James Joyce Irish Bar

Address: No.278, Section 3, Roosevelt Road Taipei, Taiwan / 台北市中正區羅斯福路3段278號

MRT: Gongguan

Hours: Mon-Fri: 4:30 - 2:30
             Sat-Sun:  3:00 - 2:30

From it's humble beginnings, nestled into a tight space in the Gongguan Night-market, James Joyce has expanded and upgraded to firmly solidify it's position as Taipei's official Irish bar.  Named for one of Ireland's most famed poets, novelists and heavy drinkers; James Joyce  Irish Bar brings the charm, ambiance, and liveliness of a genuine Dublin pub to Taiwan.

Originally founded in 2016, James Joyce Irish Bar has provided something that Taipei had long lacked in recent years, a bona-fide Irish pub. Now in a new, and much larger location, James Joyce continues to bring it's authentic Irish styling and, more importantly, hospitality to the busy student neighborhood of Gongguan. The bigger venue provides space for a stage and the bar has embraced it's new identity as a music venue by presenting live music every weekend!

The man, James Joyce, was known, not only for his drinking habits, but also his frivolity with money. Appropriately, James Joyce Irish Bar offers affordable prices on a nightly basis. At James Joyce you can get a proper pint of Guinness for just NT$250, and a bottle of locally brewed craft beer for just NT$190.  If that's still beyond your budget, a pint of 'Tai-Pi' (Taiwan Beer) is only NT$170NT.   In addition to beers, James Joyce has a range of cocktails, with their mint-loaded Mojito being particularly noteworthy.  For those looking for a pick-me-up while getting a little messed-up, the menu features a great selection of alcohol blended coffees.

In recent years, the Gongguan area has seen a welcomed resurgence of bars.  James Joyce Irish Bar, helps to ensure that this resurgence will not be short lived, as a high quality and fairly priced establishment that will surely be one of the area's most popular bars.  As James Joyce, himself, once said "The sacred pint alone can unbind the tongue..", so why not head down to the pub of his namesake to have a delicious, and sacred pint?

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Friendliness: 5 / 5

Ambiance: 4 / 5

Drink Selection: 2 / 3

Value: 3 / 3

Overall Impression: 4 / 4

Total: 18/ 20

A Damn Good Drinkery!