*** Moved*** James Joyce Irish Bar

***Moved to a new location, see: New James Joyce Irish Bar ***

Address: No.1, Lane 136,Section 4, Roosevelt Road, Taipei, Taiwan 100 / 台北市中正區羅斯福路4段136巷1號

MRT: Gongguan

Hours: Mon-Sun: 11:00 - 3:00

Named for one of Ireland's most famed poets, novelists and heavy drinkers; James Joyce is an Irish bar and coffee shop in the middle of the bustling Gongguan area. This fine establishment has been serving top-notch coffee, fresh draught beer, and elegant cocktails since 2016. With a location just steps away from Taiwan’s top university, National Taiwan University, James Joyce Irish Bar offers students and local residents a place to sip coffee through the afternoon and even-more grown up beverages late into the evening .

James Joyce Irish Bar provides something that Taipei has been short of in recent years, Irish pubs. James Joyce brings authentic Irish styling and, more importantly hospitality to the busy student neighborhood of Gongguan. The interior of bar may be small and intimate, but additional outdoor seating that spills onto the busy night-market lane is also available.

The man, James Joyce, was known, not only for his drinking habits, but also his frivolity with money. Appropriately, James Joyce Irish Bar offers affordable prices on a nightly basis, with awesome specials, several nights of the week.  On Mondays you can get a pint of Guinness for just NT$200, and on Wednesdays bottles of beer are available for just NT$130.  Regardless of the night, drinks are always affordable at James Joyce.

In recent years, the Gonguan area has seen a welcomed resurgence of bars.  James Joyce Irish Bar, helps to ensure that this resurgence will not be short lived, as a high quality and fairly priced establishment that should surely become one of the area's most popular bars.  As James Joyce, himself, once said " The sacred pint alone can unbind the tongue..", so why not head down to the pub of his namesake to have a delicious, and sacred, pint?

James Joyce's Website

Friendliness: 5 / 5

Ambiance: 3 / 5

Drink Selection: 2 / 3

Value: 3 / 3

Overall Impression: 4 / 4

Total: 17 / 20

A Worthy Watering Hole!


The Beat


The Beat is now closed permanently 

Address: No. 27, Section 2, Fùxīng South Rd, Daan District, Taipei City / 台北市復興南路二段27號B2


Hours: Fri - Sat: 22:00 - 04:30

On the busy street-side of Fuxing South Road all seems peaceful, apart from violent hum of passing scooters and the rattle of the MRT tracks overhead; little hint is given of the raging party just two floors below.   Below the footsteps of uninformed pedestrians the Beat is pounding and pulsating with tracks spun by some of the best Dj's in Taipei.  

Opened earlier this year (2016), in the same location as the most recent incarnation of Roxy99, The Beat has brought new life and energy to a venue that has a history as the best place to be, that isn't in Xinyi.    The Beat continues the alternative nightlife tradition that Roxy99 started.  In an area that is easily reached by the students of several major universities in Taipei, The Beat is well on it's way to becoming the best alternative nightclub in Taipei.

The Beat has quickly gained popularity from it's distinctive music style that features both house and hip-hop as an alternative to the EDM that is consistently favored by most clubs in Taipei.   The Beat's regular hip-hop nights have filled a niche in the Taipei nightlife scene that had been open since Chess Club went upmarket and moved to the ATT building in Xinyi.  At The Beat, dancing to hip-hop is inexpensive and unpretentious, as is the vibe of the club and it's friendly patrons. The Beat plays excellent music on state-of-the-art sound systems, and always hosts amazing local Dj's in addition to an impressive lineup of international Dj's.

The Beat is not only a excellent place to dance, but it's also affordable, with most nights costing just $300NT, or less including a drink. Drinks inside are also inexpensive and the regular club drink selection can be expected with beers limited to Heinekens and Taiwan Beers.  

The Beat is a great club and it is likely the best place to dance to real hip-hop in Taipei right now!  As an affordable nightclub that throws parties that rival and outdo the Xinyi scene, The Beat is the best way to switch up your party schedule, and then make it a frequent occurrence. 

Friendliness: 5 / 5

Ambiance: 4 / 5

Drink Selection: 2 / 3

Value: 3 / 3

Overall Impression: 3 / 4

Total: 17 / 20

A Worthy Watering Hole!