Pipe Live House

Address: No. 1 Siyuan Street, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, (Riverside Park) / 台北市中正區思源街1號(自來水園區/公館水岸)

MRT: Gongguan 

Hours: Check listings for event hours.

When was the last time you partied in a water-pumping station?  If your answer is 'never', then you're due for a visit to Gongguan's Pipe Live House!  Located in the Gongguan Riverside Park, Pipe is aptly named as it is actual historical pumping station; complete with pumps and, of course, pipes. The archaic pumping equipment give Pipe Livehouse an excellent industrial atmosphere that fuels the parties hosted there.

Pipe hosts a range of musical acts; however, the industrial setting is particularly great for the electronic music DJ's that are frequently found jockeying Pipe's turntables.

A relatively small space, at just 10 meters wide, and 20 meters long, Pipe has a unique advantage in Taipei of completely avoiding any noise restrictions.  It's location in the Gonguan Riverside park insures that the pounding bass at Pipe is far from disturbing any neighbors.

Pipe has a limited drink selection, but nobody is headed there for the drinks.    Cover charge varies according to the event but it is usually quite reasonable.

As one of Taipei's live-houses that survived the recent crackdown on such venues, Pipe is must visit.  Pipe is the only club in Taipei that is not only historical site, but also an awesome place to party.

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Friendliness: 3 / 5

Ambiance: 5 / 5

Drink Selection: 1 / 3

Value:  2 / 3

Overall Impression: 4/ 4

Total: 15 / 20

A Worthy Watering Hole.