Hoky's Spirit Bar

Address: No.8, Alley 5, Lane 70, Yanji St., DaAn District, Taipei City / 台北市延吉街70巷5弄8號 Taipei, Taiwan 106

MRT: ZhongXiao Dunhua / Sun-Yat-Sen Memorial Hall

Hours:  Daily 20:00 - ???

Smack in the centre of the tendy Dong-Qu amongst fashionable boutiques and classy lounge bars, Hoky's is a fish out of water. Hoky's Spirit Bar's authentic local atmosphere sets it apart from the other bars in the area.

Hoky's has a loyal crowd of regulars in addition to some walk-in traffic in this popular nightlife area. The bar is small and dark  which may make it seem unwelcoming to unfamiliar patrons, however, the bar stocks a wide selection of local drinking games, which could be the perfect icebreakers for making friends.

Hoky's has an extensive collection of spirits from around the world.   Atypical of dive-like bar, Hoky's stock a nice range of imported craft beers, in addition to the very typical Taiwan beer ($180NTD).

A nice little pub to spend an evening in, or to stop by at while bar-hopping in the DongQu district.

Friendliness: 3 / 5

Ambiance: 2 / 5

Drink Selection: 3 / 3

Value:  2 / 3

Overall Impression: 3 / 4

Total: 13 / 20

A So-So Saloon!