Green Door 綠門

Address:  No. 6, Déhuì St, Jhongshan District, Taipei City / 德惠街6號,中山區,台北市

MRT: Zhongshan Elementary School


In business for over 35 years, this Combat Zone mainstay has been entertaining patrons since it was made popular by American military personnel stationed in Taiwan during Vietnam War.

A nostalgic atmosphere perseveres despite changes to the area around it.  Many bars in the neighborhood have seen their business gradually decline, but the Green Door maintains a dedicated crowd of regulars.

The traditional British-style bar offers traditional British meals, such as fish & chips, Yorkshire Pudding, Steak & Kidney Pie, and many others.  A decent selection of imported macro brews in addition to the standard bottled Taiwan Beers ($150 Classic/$180 Gold Medal).  Be forewarned: prices at this bar do not include the 10% service charge.

Friendliness: 2 / 5

Ambiance: 2 / 5

Drink Selection: 2 / 3

Value: 2 / 3

Overall Impression: 2 / 4

Total: 10 / 20

A So-so Saloon.